The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.

Until Tomorrow.

Incursion 600


Incursion is the first full novel in the Unbound Series.


Cut off from their homeworld for a hundred years, most humans are vagabonds, pirates, cast-offs, and exiles, eking out a living on the fringes of civilization. Small-time smuggler Merika Deveron is no different, and, after fleeing across half a galaxy to escape her past, she likes it that way…

She just wants to keep her misfit friends together and get by. But then one of them is captured by forces of the hated Ir’drakhon Empire. With the reluctant help of her friend, the sometime-mercenary Thorn, Merika vows to rescue him—if she must track him across the other half of the galaxy to do it.

The Ir’drakhon Empire has ruled known space from time out of mind by controlling the ancient portals that allow interstellar travel, whose origins are lost in the past. But the ir’drakhon are losing control of the varied species they rule, and some of them will stop at nothing to regain it. Merika’s mission will lead her directly into the path of the most ruthless and determined of those ir’drakhon, and straight into the heart of a deadly conspiracy.

To make it worse, Merika’s past has followed her—and brought with it the seeds of interstellar war. To save her friend against all odds, Merika must outwit the forces of a dying empire, solve an ancient mystery, and prevent a war that could tear asunder the fabric of civilization itself.

How does she get herself into these messes?

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If you just can’t wait, and you haven’t already, read the award-winning prequel to Incursion: Insurrection.



Unbound: Insurrection is an award-winning story, previously published in Writers of the Future, Volume XV, as “Unbound.”

A 17,000 word novella, Insurrection is a prequel to the upcoming Unbound series of novels.

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