What if the only way to save your people is to kill your gods?

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Unbound: Insurrection is an award-winning story, previously published in Writers of the Future, Volume XV, as “Unbound.”

A 17,000 word novella, Insurrection is a prequel to the upcoming Unbound series of novels.


Ruled for more than a century by the space-faring Ir’drakhon Empire, the natives of the planet Iridel had risen up and overthrown their oppressors — only to find that freedom was harder than fighting.

But the Empire has returned, bringing their wealth and advanced technology, and most Iridelli are ready to hail them as deliverers. The Empire does nothing for free, however, and this time the price may be too high.

One Iridelli, Duan, is drawn unwillingly into the halls of power, navigating an uneasy path between protecting his people and appeasing their overlord. But then he discovers that this new viceroy has ambitions beyond pacifying a backwater world, that he believes the ruins dotting the countryside are more than quaint relics — they hold the key to an ancient mystery and great power.

Can Duan find the courage to stop the conqueror of his world before he becomes so powerful nothing can?

. . . especially when it means betraying a man whose friendship he never wanted?

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